The Gap Between Fingers

Do you know why there is gap between fingers? It shows that alone we are incomplete. Holding your hand is not just a physical bonding, it is a feeling more than a gesture. It completes us.

For me, this gap was there waiting for someone special will come and will fill it. YES! You did it. I know, I did the same too. Have you ever realized when we hold hands of each other, how perfect bond is made? Like even lines on palms seem collaborating to make a new fate. A desired fate with full of happiness and joy. Not only hands of two persons but two parallel tracks heading towards same fantasy destination, combine together to make our journey more easier, more comfortable and making sure to arrive as dreamed.

When the gap between fingers is filled perfectly and there no space left, even air cannot pass through then a perfect and ultimate bonding is established. After experiencing such bonding two persons can reach anywhere they want. To fill this gap perfectly we do not need to match physically, the color of hands does not matter, different race is not a barrier but the same vision matters, one destination matters, it is the matter of same emerging thoughts in both minds, the same type of feelings from both hearts matter and the same blood color matters.

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