Don’t Let My Life Scatter Again. . .

Her presence. . . Her presence is something very special to me. When she is with me I feel like I’m living. I’m living a life. . . I feel like a complete being. Without her I’m not even half. Because she is not my better half but fullest of mine. With her, I forget all pains and loneliness. Her presence heals me. She is more than all types of medications and above meditation. She entered in my life, rehabilitated me, cured my heart and gave me peace of mind. She is the only one who can retain my living life. That I have now. . . I always pray and beg to Almighty that please don’t take her away from me. Don’t let my life scatter again. . . Not again. . .

آج کا قاضی ہے اُلجھا ہوا بہت۔ ۔ ۔

آج کا قاضی ہے اُلجھا ہوا بہت
کر پانا اسکو انصاف ہے مشکل بہت
محرم کے پاس نہیں دلائل بے گناہی کے
مجرم کے پاس بچ نکلنے کے ہیں ثبوت بہت
بھری پڑی ہے دنیا بے مثال اداکاروں سے
اپنی اصلیت چُھپانے میں ماہر ہے ہر کوئی بہت
قانون دان کیا کیا بنائے روکنے کے طریقے
چور چوری کر جانے میں آگے ہے بہت
قیمت نہیں اتنی کسی کی ایمانداری کی
خریدارانِ ایمان کے پاس ہے سرمایہ بہت
تم کیسے کر پاؤ گے مجرموں میں محرموں کا انتخاب؟
خیامٓ! اس منصبِ انصاف پر ہارے ہیں عادل بہت۔ ۔ ۔

First Encounter to Know You Well

In our first encounter, you appeared like a devil but I found your heart innocent and clean like an angle. Within no time you came closer to me friend like family and occupied a special and dearest place in my heart. A peaceful smiling face that assures a complete beauty inside out, you own. You have been blessed by a soul who has sipped a cocktail of comic, maturity, inside seriousness and understanding. Your heart and mind is well decorated with fairness and egalitarianism that attracts my affections and expressions of it. I don’t know what to say, what I feel when I see you. The simplest word I can use that I feel inside happiness. Years back I stopped writing because I could not get a stimulator to write for. But know when I see you I get a motive to write on and on. You are a motive for my pen to start running on paper again. Thanks for being a good friend. Be as you are. I want to write more and can ink thousands of pages to describe your dreamed personality but today let me stop here.

PS: Once my teacher called me and said, “Oh boy! God has just blessed you to master the words. You will be able to amaze the world with words if you want and if you continue writing the way you write and express true feelings. But remember one thing, If you will write the truth this blessing will be multiplied but if you will write a lie one day this blessing will be taken back”.

Oh my Lord! Please forgive me for my first lie I wrote above. Oh my true teacher, the real mentor of my life I beg apology from you too as I owe that mistake now you warned me not to do. I’ll not repeat the same.

PS 2: I wrote this when everyone was writing his/her confessions about someone from their circle. My mind was in fun mood so started with serious confession and ended with sarcastic way. . .