A Walk in Moonlight. . .

From Cold Moon to Wolf Moon, From Wolf Moon to Snow Moon . . .
From Drizzling Evening of December to Foggy Night of January to Combo Midnight of February. . .
An every night walk together in Purple Streetlight. . .
Holding hands so softly but with bonding tight. . .
Breathing out cold smoke behaving like a child. . .
Exchanging between Ice-cream after every bite. . .
Hours of stepping together in freezing temperature. . .
Warmth you’ll get more from your Love Knight. . .
In pin drop silence expressions will give million words,
Lips will be quiet but eyes will expose love dynamite. . .
Oh! In all these fantasy moments we spent quality time,
A kiss on your Forehead, I can’t miss O my Sweetest Moonlight . . .


She Keeps Me Awake. . .

She keeps me awake for whole night to tell her stories. She is a crazy listener who wanna know every details of story, from between the lines to beyond the lines. The real story might happened in ten minutes but her queries will take to hours. But more than a listener she is a story teller. A very boring story she will tell you in such interesting way that can attract you attention. You are feeling sleepy but when she starts saying,” you know what happened?” and all your sleep is just gone miles away. A story you have heard hundred times already and if another person will start it again with first sentence he/she speaks you will stop him/her saying that you have told already tell me something thing new. But in her case every time you will enjoy like you have never heard before. It is not about you are not enjoying but just pretending to enjoy but actually you enjoy like it is very first time.

I’m in the middle of something doing an important work. I’m suppose to pick her call and only for her. Like a child putting her leg in between whatever you are doing and wants you to leave all and play with her. How childish acts these are. But do you know what? It never disturbed me, but always gave me a smile and some unique happiness. I don’t know and could not ever define the type of this happiness I get. I adore her these acts. I adore her childishness, I adore her being a baby doll and yes I adore her totally whatever she does.

It happens when you love her and she is your only love. If you have been busy all day in hectic office work routine. You have just arrived home and nothing you want know but to sleep. But if you encounter her, see her happy face your all tiredness will vanish in air. If she is not in your life you will go to a messy bed and will fall asleep withing no time, but she, she is like a coffee and you will be addicted. She will take your head to her lap and will start telling her stories. You will forget what you have been through whole day. You will just jump to a dream life where there is no worries and anxiety but a life of fairies. I’m telling you, you cannot start telling your story to her unless she wants herself to know something.

Trust me! If you want to spend living nights, get addicted to her company. She has more caffeine than any drink and it is not harmful but good to your body and soul. . .

آج کا قاضی ہے اُلجھا ہوا بہت۔ ۔ ۔

آج کا قاضی ہے اُلجھا ہوا بہت
کر پانا اسکو انصاف ہے مشکل بہت
محرم کے پاس نہیں دلائل بے گناہی کے
مجرم کے پاس بچ نکلنے کے ہیں ثبوت بہت
بھری پڑی ہے دنیا بے مثال اداکاروں سے
اپنی اصلیت چُھپانے میں ماہر ہے ہر کوئی بہت
قانون دان کیا کیا بنائے روکنے کے طریقے
چور چوری کر جانے میں آگے ہے بہت
قیمت نہیں اتنی کسی کی ایمانداری کی
خریدارانِ ایمان کے پاس ہے سرمایہ بہت
تم کیسے کر پاؤ گے مجرموں میں محرموں کا انتخاب؟
خیامٓ! اس منصبِ انصاف پر ہارے ہیں عادل بہت۔ ۔ ۔

Fantasy Life With A Fantasy Life Partner

Fantasy is always a dream, an extreme visualization like a vision. A vision that we can set but it is always unachievable. But on the way to achieve our vision we attain maximum of our life goals.

There is no another fantasy land that exists, where we can just go and enjoy but where we are right now, we have to make it fantasy land. For the fantasy life partner it is the same, like the fantasy life and vision. May be we a raw one, we have to give it a final touch. We have to cut the edges in right manner and bring into a desired fantasy shape. We have to give him/her space to adjust, to become nearly equal to fantasy. I said nearly equal to fantasy because we are not creator of universe, we are not God, we are not that Divine Power Who will assume and imagine something and it will happen and will become to existence as same. Our thoughts and imaginations can reach anywhere but in real we are limited in power to bring something in reality. We can dream and dreams can come true but all, cannot get attire of reality. About the person, we wish to be our fantasy life partner is also a human being but not an angel who will follow totally what God has said. He/she has limited flexibility to change, he/she can bend up to a certain angle otherwise bending one degree more can break him/her. It is not a sin to visualize unachievable vision but when it reaches to its maximum possible real shape we must accept it totally.

Coming back, you know what? This cannot happen in our life when we are looking to start together at once. One has to take first step, he or she has to start. He has to mold himself as her fantasy partner, like her dream guy, a visionary man and an imagined person.

I believe there are to ways to reach your destination or to obtain your goal. First one, you prepare yourself, run behind and do everything which can lead you to your destination. For example you get certificate and degrees, check all newspapers and websites for vacancies available, make resume` accordingly and submit them, you get well prepared for interviews and deliver your best in front of panel. You Get a job. Second one, you decide that what you want to be, one profession you choose as your career. Then you work hard to become irreplaceable in that profession, you are then know as expert of your field. What will happen the destination will look for you, instead of looking for job and submitting CVs to different companies, the companies will come to you with offers. Now, it depends on you which way you choose. I’ll definitely go for second one. ( I will write a detailed separate blog on this topic later. )

So, when he will take the first step and will make necessary changes to obtain a fantasy life and fantasy life partner then she will do the same too. And for sure then it will not be he or she but they will gonna live a fantasy life. . .

The Gap Between Fingers

Do you know why there is gap between fingers? It shows that alone we are incomplete. Holding your hand is not just a physical bonding, it is a feeling more than a gesture. It completes us.

For me, this gap was there waiting for someone special will come and will fill it. YES! You did it. I know, I did the same too. Have you ever realized when we hold hands of each other, how perfect bond is made? Like even lines on palms seem collaborating to make a new fate. A desired fate with full of happiness and joy. Not only hands of two persons but two parallel tracks heading towards same fantasy destination, combine together to make our journey more easier, more comfortable and making sure to arrive as dreamed.

When the gap between fingers is filled perfectly and there no space left, even air cannot pass through then a perfect and ultimate bonding is established. After experiencing such bonding two persons can reach anywhere they want. To fill this gap perfectly we do not need to match physically, the color of hands does not matter, different race is not a barrier but the same vision matters, one destination matters, it is the matter of same emerging thoughts in both minds, the same type of feelings from both hearts matter and the same blood color matters.

Colors of Her

She is like a rainbow. But she possesses more colors. Colors those glitter more than a rainbow.

Since the years I’m observing her, the colors of her flicker every moment I see. Every succeeding color is much beautiful than last one. Not that last which disappears but it also lasts and adds there to make sparkling combo.

I cherish for all those colors I find in her. Because every color confers me a new happiness deep in my mind, all around my heart and covers my soul.

Starting a topic with an example attracts more attention of the audiences I believe rather than starting direct from the main topic. So, my point is accepting the personality of loved one and his/her qualities and praising a little without missing a day should be our daily routine. We may call it “Daily Love Dose”. We may add this in our daily routine like food. Expressing loving feelings to someone in few words everyday add up health in relationships. It can work in all type of relations. But I must say its application is more important in long distance relationships.

If we are living together, let’s start the day by saying him/her some words of love, care and affection that brings smile on his/her face while starting the day and I am sure it will remain until day ends. In Long distance relationships let’s send her/him a text consisting of few words of care and affection early morning so when she/he wakes up and the first thing she/he faces are those positive words of love and care. It is much important and valuable than a good night message. You know what? Why its important? Because you are not that valuable to someone who sends you a good night message but You are more important to someone than anything or person in this world who sends you a message in the morning and remembers you everyday before thinking about anything because he/she wants to start the day with you. Adding here, in my opinion where it is healthier activity in a relationship but it may leave some positive impacts on our professional life too. How it affects our other matters and part of life positively I will make another blog later. . .

I’m posting this in a new category “Daily Love Dose”. It is quite long post as I had to introduce this topic in this blog. In upcoming posts, I’ll be posting just small messages that we can use as Daily Love Dose.

October’s Girl/Boy

October is about trees revealing colors they have hidden all year. I feel more attraction in these colors that they reveal in other months. They are unique, pleasant to be seen and not harsh to my eyesight. The noiseless fall they have but heavier sound when they fly. . . Exactly the same, Nature reveals its special colors in some people that we cannot see in all. The most beautiful people of Almighty inside out, carrying plenty of colors inside but are revealed to few eyes. I got one such person too, in Autumn of Autumn.

On this birthday, I will wish to celebrate the hidden colors of your life. . .  A very HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY. . . May Allah Almighty bless you with healthy, wealthy, prosper and successful life ahead. . . May you reveal the most beautiful color of yours this year and the same colors we see in another soul. . . HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN “THE MISS/ MR PERFECT”. . .


May be someone in 30s, 50s or has reached 80 and could not add a special day in his/her life out of 365 days of the year, when it comes it bring happiness or reminds him something good happen to him/her in life. May we don’t know a date in our loved ones life on which we can remind him/her to cheer up. But everyone in this world owes a day by birth on which we can wish him/her that day and add value. That is his/her “BIRTHDAY”. . .

Everyone deserves to be wished his/her birthday in a unique way. I usually like to choose some beautiful words to describe the personality of birthday boy/girl and then end up with prayers coming from my heart to wish a birthday. It does not take much to write something precious for someone special on his/her special day if we have true positive and lovely feelings for her/him but it will make their day very special and give them a bundle of happiness.

In this Category of Birthdays, I will be posting some wishes I had made to my special ones. Mostly or I think in every wish I add one prayer for sure “May Almighty God bless you with healthy, wealthy, prosper and successful life ahead”. I pray this for everyone as in my opinion it covers all the blessings in a sentence a person must own in his/her life. . .