Acceptance & Expectations

Acceptance & Expectations. . .

                                 I was just scrolling on Facebook and a video appeared shared by one of my friends. The video was quite lengthy; I just watched from the start and scrolled down. An elegant Indian Lady with affective personality sitting calm on a sofa was teaching audience about acceptance and expectations. I was not in learning mood at that moment so I did not bother to watch the whole video and did not even saved to watch later. I do not remember her name as I think the short part I watched she did not introduce her name otherwise I could have mentioned her name.

                      Later in the evening when I was passing through a place where I’m annoyed almost every day since last 4 to 5 years. That video was rewind in my mind and I started thinking about few words I listened from her that how important that lecture was to manage life. I came back home took some rest, sat down and started thinking about Acceptance and Expectations. The small portion of food of thought I took from that video I ate I started digesting. In a situation or about a situation, where other people are involved we usually have some expectations from other people. We expect people of behave in a way we want, if they behave in the same way we are okay but if they behave against our expectations we get frustrated, annoyed, angry and hurt.

                      Let me quote the same situation I stated up there. I usually pass from a place every day, sometimes multiple times in a day. A car decoration shop is in a corner of street where that street meets to main road. Cars are usually parked in front that shop on main road side but if the shop has more customers cars are being parked on entrance of that street which blocked in and out of that street. Parking is prohibited there from county Government and also it disturbs many people as that street is a busy street during day time. I get annoyed every time when it’s blocked, my time is wasted, I get frustrated and many times I told that shop keeper that why you do not understand that it is not parking area people has to pass through. Some random people also park vehicles there when they do not get parking nearby. For the years no one listened to me. I had expectations from that shop owner that he should not park cars which are coming to him for decoration or to get other services he offers there, I had expectation that when a random person will be parking his/her vehicle there he will stop him/her to park there.  I’m disappointed almost every day. That day I wanted to pass through from there and again same situation I faced that my way was being blocked. But that day I behaved differently, instead of being disappointed and frustrated over my expectations from those people I accepted the situation and people who caused that situation. I was in rush, I had some important things to do in the office, so instead of coming out of my car and yelling at that shop owner and car owner who blocked the way I just accepted that there are many reasons they cannot behave the way I expect from them. I parked my vehicle nearby and started waiting the road to be cleared. It was taking time, again instead of asking them to clear I just called driver from the office to come to that place, I gave the car key to the driver and asked him to wait until road is clear and then bring car to the office. Myself I just walked to the office as I had to rush there for important tasks to be done.

                   That in the same situation I face for years, instead of being angry when people are going against my expectations or my will. I accepted the situation and people behavior. The result was awesome. My mind was not disturbed, I remained relaxed, my energy was not being consumed by negative emotions and my time was not wasted too. I finished other tasks with positive attitude without hurting my feelings or emotions by expectations.

<p class="has-medium-font-size" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">               A lot can be written on this topic and I will write for sure. But today, here I’ll end this blog with just telling you this daily life situational story. I’ll try to explain more about “Acceptance & Expectations” in next blogs.               A lot can be written on this topic and I will write for sure. But today, here I’ll end this blog with just telling you this daily life situational story. I’ll try to explain more about “Acceptance & Expectations” in next blogs.

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