Colors of Her

She is like a rainbow. But she possesses more colors. Colors those glitter more than a rainbow.

Since the years I’m observing her, the colors of her flicker every moment I see. Every succeeding color is much beautiful than last one. Not that last which disappears but it also lasts and adds there to make sparkling combo.

I cherish for all those colors I find in her. Because every color confers me a new happiness deep in my mind, all around my heart and covers my soul.

Starting a topic with an example attracts more attention of the audiences I believe rather than starting direct from the main topic. So, my point is accepting the personality of loved one and his/her qualities and praising a little without missing a day should be our daily routine. We may call it “Daily Love Dose”. We may add this in our daily routine like food. Expressing loving feelings to someone in few words everyday add up health in relationships. It can work in all type of relations. But I must say its application is more important in long distance relationships.

If we are living together, let’s start the day by saying him/her some words of love, care and affection that brings smile on his/her face while starting the day and I am sure it will remain until day ends. In Long distance relationships let’s send her/him a text consisting of few words of care and affection early morning so when she/he wakes up and the first thing she/he faces are those positive words of love and care. It is much important and valuable than a good night message. You know what? Why its important? Because you are not that valuable to someone who sends you a good night message but You are more important to someone than anything or person in this world who sends you a message in the morning and remembers you everyday before thinking about anything because he/she wants to start the day with you. Adding here, in my opinion where it is healthier activity in a relationship but it may leave some positive impacts on our professional life too. How it affects our other matters and part of life positively I will make another blog later. . .

I’m posting this in a new category “Daily Love Dose”. It is quite long post as I had to introduce this topic in this blog. In upcoming posts, I’ll be posting just small messages that we can use as Daily Love Dose.

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