May be someone in 30s, 50s or has reached 80 and could not add a special day in his/her life out of 365 days of the year, when it comes it bring happiness or reminds him something good happen to him/her in life. May we don’t know a date in our loved ones life on which we can remind him/her to cheer up. But everyone in this world owes a day by birth on which we can wish him/her that day and add value. That is his/her “BIRTHDAY”. . .

Everyone deserves to be wished his/her birthday in a unique way. I usually like to choose some beautiful words to describe the personality of birthday boy/girl and then end up with prayers coming from my heart to wish a birthday. It does not take much to write something precious for someone special on his/her special day if we have true positive and lovely feelings for her/him but it will make their day very special and give them a bundle of happiness.

In this Category of Birthdays, I will be posting some wishes I had made to my special ones. Mostly or I think in every wish I add one prayer for sure “May Almighty God bless you with healthy, wealthy, prosper and successful life ahead”. I pray this for everyone as in my opinion it covers all the blessings in a sentence a person must own in his/her life. . .

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