An Imaginary Character

An imaginary character I built to fill up the blank space of my life. . . A place specified for my ultimate life partner. . . I picked perfect words to describe her and kept them in a treasure. . . A treasure, when I’ll open and present to her. . . Will describe her what I feel about her. . . Will tell her that no one else have ever told her about herself. . . The sterling words from the pure heart, arranged by help of mind. . . A flawless definition of her with the superlative degrees of vocables. . . It took years to collect pearls beneath the ocean of amour. . . A love of imagination for a clear unambiguous image. . . But when that imaginary character appeared in reality. . . When I saw you. . . I stuck in the moment. . . Just imagine when you face your imagination in reality. . . A period of being grateful started. . . Yes I have gotten my dream girl. . . I entered to my treasure of words. . . To describe you, to tell you that what you’re and what you’re for me. . . I’m hanging over there to arrange those words in such a way that I can express my feelings & emotions perfectly for a perfect partner for me. . . . . . . . . . . .

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